SESUG 2013 in St Pete Beach was Great!

Spend last week at the South East SAS User’s Group in beautiful St. Petersburg Beach, Florida.  Thanks to Andrea Wainwright-Zimmerman and Mira Sharpiro (conference chairs) for doing an awesome job.  I know there received a lot of help from many others so thanks to them as well. I always learn a lot from at the conference and meet some awesome folks. I had to leave on Tuesday morning so I didn’t get to see all that I wanted to.

When Can I Move to Tampa?

I really like the Tampa/St. Pete area – there is a lot of water, which I love! St Petersburg Beach is on an island that you reach from Tampa.  You go across this awesome bridge that seemed like it was 2-3 miles long. It’s really beautiful.

SESUG 2013

On the south end of the island is a small town called Pass a Grille Beach, where we went for dinner on Saturday nite.  As we were leaving the moon was rising over Tampa Bay – it was very romantic and a perfect end to the evening.

sesug 2013

You Meet Cool People

Back in  July I agreed to repeat the Hands On Workshop that Angela and I did at SAS Global Forum. Mike Sadof and Erik Larsen were the section chairs.  We hung out on Sunday afternoon making sure the computers were ready for the week.  There were like 25 computers and I had to copy my course content twice  all on each machine.  But thanks Mike, Eric, my husband, Ken, and Chris Hemedinger – we were able to make quick work of it.

There was one computer that did not want to cooperate – I called it the Evil Computer because it would not cooperate.  It didn’t like the passwords and at one point it just died.  They were able to get it working again.  Maybe the NSA was using it to spy on us – I hope they enjoyed my hands on workshop and feel  ready to write some stored processes!


Needless to say I’m always pleased when the workshop goes off without any major problems.  The Evil Computer did give the student using it fits – he ended up leaving.  I’m never sure if it’s better someone walks out or falls asleep.  At least if they fall asleep I know my voice is comforting.  I gave away two 50 Keys to Learning SAS Stored Process books to help the attendees continue their stored process learning journey.  Thanks to everyone who attended.

Need to do a SAS EBI Proof of Concept?

There is always so much to learn at the conferences – so I encourage you to attend any near you or in Florida.  🙂

Sheryl Weise SESUG 2013I enjoyed the Seven Steps to a SAS EBI Proof-of-Concept Project presentation from Sheryl Weise (Wells Fargo).  She explained that sometimes the internal departments do not want to invest in the tool right away so they want to do a proof-of-concept to ensure the tool can meet their needs.  She has developed a methodology for helping with the proof of concept.  Here’s her steps:

  1. Develop a kick-off meeting including a full demo of the SAS EBI tools.
  2. Set up your Unix filesystems and security.
  3. Set up your SAS metadata ACTs, users, groups, folders, and libraries.
  4. Make sure the necessary SAS client tools are installed on the developers’ machines.
  5. Hold a SAS EBI workshop to introduce them to the basics, including SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Stored Processes, SAS Information Maps, SAS Web Report Studio, the SAS Information Delivery Portal, and the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office, along with supporting documentation.
  6. Work with them to develop a simple project, one that highlights the benefits of SAS EBI and shows several methods for achieving the desired results.
  7. Last but not least, follow-up!

There were two tips I picked up from Sheryl:

  • GAF (Groups – ACT – Folders)
    When adding a new group to the metadata just remember that acronym. I hate to admit it but the administration part of SAS BI really confuses me and I always have to look up how its done or ask my husband Ken to do it.
    But this was an easy way to remember how to do the set up!

    • Create the Group (add the users)
    • Create the ACT (add to the group)
    • Create the Folder (add the ACT)
  • Introducing New Users
    She keeps the SAS EBI workshop to three hours but during that time the users create an information map and some reports.  This is important because the users are able to have success in a short time.  It makes SAS EBI seem less scary.

Her process works-she has taken three groups through the process successfully!  Maybe we can talk her into repeating the talk at SAS Global Forum 2014.