Wanted! SAS Rustlers Unite at #SASGF15 #TweetUp

In April 2015, SAS users travel across the world to the SAS Global Forum in Dallas, Texas – yes the legendary Wild West.  If you are arriving early at the conference (maybe for a workshop or to take a certification exam) – then you’re invited to a special and exclusive event.


#sasgf15 #tweetup

#SASGF15 Tweeps Unite!

This is an informal, pre-conference gathering for tweeps on Saturday 25th April at 8 PM at the conference hotel. Yes, a #SASGF15 #TweetUp  for people to meet their followers face-to-face and chat in more than 140 characters. If this is a little overwhelming you are allowed to watch and tweet away in a corner.

To entice you to come along, there will be some random drawings, SAS giveaways and an evening to exchange conference agendas and must see/do events.

No Twitter Account Required!

What: #SASGF15 #TweetUpYou don’t need a Twitter account to join us – but you know they are free – right?[Here’s a quick Twitter tutorial!]
When: 8 PM, Saturday April 25 , 2013
Where: Lobby Lounge bar in the Omni Dallas Hotel555 South Lamar, Dallas, Texas  [(214) 744-6664]
What to wear: Casual — Extra raffle ticket if you wear a t-shirt from the last conference you attended or a shirt from where you are from.  Why don’t you get really daring and wear a cowboy shirt!?!
What to Eat: Beverages of all sorts are available at the bar (at your expense)It’s a good time to try good ole CocaCola or maybe a beer.
Who’s Hosting: Zencos – Tricia Aanderud (@taanderud)Metacoda – Michelle Homes (@HomesatMetacoda)



Last Year’s TweetUp

#sasgf14 #tweetup location
Beautiful Location to have a part


#sasgf14 #tweetup
Michelle was excited that it was past midnight – US Time!
#sasgf14 #tweetup
Our Selfie
Trying to get Phil Holland to guess what part of the SAS language he was!


#sasgf14 #tweetup
Aussies … representing!


Leave a comment or tweet one of us if you plan to attend.

10 thoughts on “Wanted! SAS Rustlers Unite at #SASGF15 #TweetUp

  1. Tricia,

    Cowboy hat , boots , lasso , I am game for about anything. Looking forward to it.

  2. Awesome news … bet you would love to have your picture made in a 40 gallon cowboy hat. 🙂

  3. Hi Michelle and Tricia,

    I am a newbie at the SAS user group and will be in town Saturday night. Looking forward to some pre conference fun. Also. look forward to meeting other SAS ex”tweet”verts.

  4. Casper – No cowboy hat required but I think you do have to bring cattle and a horse. 🙂

  5. Bob … we are going to try to have fun without you! Please follow the event on Twitter (yes I know it will be 3 AM in the morning). 🙂

  6. Awwww thank you Bob.

    It was great having you there, especially after your 30+ hour trip from Perth! Such dedication. We will miss having you there this year and we look forward to double the fun at #SASGF16.

  7. Hi,

    Last years #TweetUp was a blast.. arrived just in time.

    Sorry I won’t make this year, but next year is a plan……

    Have fun at #SASGF15 !!

    Thanks @taanderud and @HomesatMetacoda for organising ….


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