Information Maps: Quick Tips for Your Data Items

Here’s a few quick tips to use when creating information maps that are used with Web Report Studio.

Tip #1: Order Data Items How They Are Displayed

You may not always know how data items are used in the reports, but sometimes you do! For instance, a recent customer wanted the same 25 measures used in over 20 different data tables – the only thing that changed was the category.  So sometimes it was broken out by region, sometimes by management chain, and so on.

To save time, we ordered the data items in the information map so when the table was created in Web Report Studio – the  measures were already in the correct order.  Here’s an example of what I’m describing:

Quick Tip #2: Make Your Filters and Prompts Clear

Name your filters and prompts so the report builders can easily determine what kind of filter it is in Web Report Studio.



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