About Me

This blog intents to inform Business Intelligence Users how to better use  tools and processes.  We provide tips and tricks, little known techniques, career advice, and other topics that seem related to data analysis.

About Me

I provide BI and Data Visualization consulting services to companies who need assistance understanding how to transform their data into meaningful charts, reports, and dashboards. My background is in SAS programming, data analysis, technical writing, process engineering, and customer service. [Here’s my professional information, if that is what interests you. ]

On the Personal Side

Here’s how I spend my free time – you know when I’m not creating blog content that I know you’ll love.  I am spending my time by the seaside – the following photo was taken at Surf City, NC several years ago.  The sun was rising over the pier – and it really was magical.


I love exploring new wines – here’s some of my recent favorites.  I tend toward the California cabs – I like the bold flavor. But it’s never hard to talk me into some champagne – especially if it’s Pol Roger – pink!

 Silver Oak – California Cab Chateau La Rame Bordeaux    Thibault Liger-Belair Bordeaux

Glamping Anyone?

Recently my husband, Ken, and I have found a new hobby – RVing. We enjoy going down to the shore. At first I thought it was going to be dumb but I was converted when I realized I could take all my favorite stuff with me on vacation.

So the frig is stocked with food we like, the bed is clean, comfortable, and has the sheets we like. Plus Ken tripped out all of the IT system in this rolling caravan. So it’s easy to watch a local TV station or look through some stored content.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey,

    found your page today and get to know some good ideas, espacially the “Identity Generator”.

    It the beginning, sry for my bad english, i am from germany and just learnd it a bit at school.

    I’ve got an idea for your website. Ever heard of the ODS Markup? I used it when i needed to create a new template for our company.

    Here is an example i take out of the SUGI (112-31 PROC TEMPLATE).

    ods markup file=”sample2.html” tagset=tagsets.style_popup;
    title ‘This is a test-title’;
    footnote ‘This is a test-footnote’;
    proc means data=sashelp.class min median max maxdec=1;
    ods markup close;

    With this u can mouse over and click on the parts of the created output (for example title, tableheader, background, etc.) and get back the templateproperties of this part.

    It was a huge help for myself. Maybe some other sasusers would like to get to know this too 😉

    Best regards


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