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SAS Visual Analytics: Get Your Mobile BI Design Going

2013-07-31 – 5:55 PM
sas va mobile bi tiny

During the middle of the year, I like to re-read the analysts predictions to figure out who know what they are talking about and who was just talking. For the Business Intelligence sector several folks [and vendors] were saying that Mobile BI was going to start driving the market this year. [Read more in my Mobile BI Is Arriving Soon… It Could Happen! post.]
What many noted …

Everything Still Starts and Ends with Data in SAS Visual Analytics

2013-07-30 – 5:03 AM
VA LASR Data Management

SAS Visual Analytics is changing the way data is analyzed and delivered in the SAS world.  The Visual Analytics LASR server brings a new method for handling large volumes of data directly in-memory.  New tools give businesses more power with less effort to prepare data for analysis, explore data, and build reports and dashboards – did I mention… all from a Web browser?!  You can …

SAS Visual Analytics: Maps and Data! Come on Down!

2013-07-01 – 6:40 AM
sas visual analytics us map

When I was younger I would watch the Price is Right with my grandma – we loved to hear the announcer say, “Come on DOWN!”  There was so much excitement and enthusiasm as the selected contestant ran screaming down the aisle!  It’s exactly how I felt when I saw how awesome the maps were in the SAS Visual Analytics (VA) tool.  [Check this post for a basic VA …

Are You a SAS BI Geek Seeking Visual Analytics Answers?

2013-04-15 – 10:57 AM
sas va feature image

SAS Global Forum 2013 is fast approaching so I realized I better plan my schedule. While I enjoy the social events the most, the other obvious thrust of the conference is to learn more about the new SAS products.  At last year’s conference they were introducing the Visual Analytics, so the conference was not overall dominated by the product.  However,this year I expect there to …

Business Intelligence: Good Things to Share!

2012-06-22 – 7:55 AM
good things to share

I have been very busy in the past month writing guest post for some of the different blogs that I follow and find interesting.  I’ve also been reading some books that I wanted to share with you!
Blogging! Blogging! and More Blogging!
Here’s some of the guest posts that I have contributed around the web.

Password Encoding with SAS Paul Homes writes the most incredible blog (Platform Administrator) …