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SAS Visual Analytics: Getting Triple Value from Your Dates

2013-12-20 – 8:46 AM
va_many_variables 01

You always need ways to save time and effort when doing any task. If you are a long time SAS user then you realize how easy it is to mix a format with a date values to save some effort later.  However, if you are new to SAS Visual Analytics or to the SAS way-of-things, you may not realize the treasure trove available with a …

Can SAS Visual Analytics Replace PowerPoint for a Small Business?

2013-11-11 – 8:26 AM
sas visual analytics replaces powerpoint for small business

When I first heard a customer say their main reason for purchasing SAS Visual Analytics was to replace PowerPoint, it raised my eyebrows because it seems like an expensive replacement. By the time I heard a third customer say it, I realized it was more than someone having too much money. As I was thinking about the customers, I realized they had some things in common …

Data Visualization: How to Avoid an Epic Fail

2013-10-10 – 10:47 AM
ineffective data visualization

As I prepare for my upcoming A2 Academy Visualizing Your Big-Data: What to Use, When & Why lecture, I was looking for some examples of effective and ineffective data visualizations. The lecture is part of the All Analytics Big Data series, which is online and has no registration fee.
A few posts ago I shared an example from a humble marketing dashboard and today I’m sharing a graph …

Dashboards: Review of Information Dashboard Design Second Edition

2013-09-23 – 6:19 AM

When I started working with data visualization, I read Information Dashboard Design;  I did not get that much out of it.  Some of the display methods Stephen Few was advocating were not easily supported by my tools. His theories were sound, but I never finished the book. When the second edition was released, I reread the book and found a new perspective.  With a few years …

Is SAS Visual Analytics the Missing Piece of SAS BI/EBI?

2013-09-11 – 8:17 AM
va article thumbnail

Earlier in the year I wrote a “Are you a SAS BI Geek seeking Visual Analytics Answers?” post about some of the questions I had about SAS Visual Analytics.  I have done a lot of research this summer about data visualization, approachable analytics, in-memory processing, mobile BI, big data and plenty of other buzz words.  Plus, I’ve learned how to use the tool!
In this post …