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SAS Enterprise Guide: Best Practice for Centralized User Storage

2012-06-11 – 6:25 AM
Workspace Server Location

A nice feature of SAS Enterprise Guide is the “Files” folder.  This provides direct access to the file system where the workspace server is running.  You can take advantage of this by configuring a central location where users can store data, SAS code, CSV files, Excel files, or anything useful.  If this is not configured it defaults to a user-specific area.  In some cases this …

Stored Processes: 3 Ways to Edit a Stored Process

2012-05-04 – 8:02 AM
Edit Stored Process from Source Code Repository

Some may not realize that you can edit a SAS Stored Process in multiple ways (depending on your permissions).  Today I show you three different ways to reach the stored process code.  By the way, I’m using SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 and SAS Management Console 9.3 – so your windows may look different.
Method 1: SAS Enterprise Guide
Many of you are aware of this method already. …

Web Report Studio: Adding a Confidentiality Disclaimer

2012-04-26 – 8:09 AM
Disclaimer Message

Adding disclaimers to SAS Web Report Studio tables and graphs is sometimes necessary for confidentiality purposes.  You can do this easily by using the Configuration Manager available in SAS Management Console 9.2 and up.  This is shown to the right.
Adding a Table Disclaimer Through SAS Management Console
SAS Support provides official documentation for adding disclaimers in SAS 9.3 as well as SAS 9.2.  To add the …

Administration: Cleaning Up the WORK Library Automatically in UNIX

2012-03-19 – 7:54 AM
sas clean your unix work directory with cron job

Here is a quick tip for keeping the WORK library clean in a UNIX/Linux environment.  Most of the time SAS manages the cleanup process very well but sometimes orphaned processes can leave unwanted data lying around which can build up over time.  This tip is only applicable for UNIX or Linux environments.  SAS does come with a cleanwork utility which can be configured.  This approach …

SAS Management Console: Quick Tip when Creating a Metadata Library

2012-02-03 – 6:53 AM
sas management console tip for SAS admins

Here’s a quick tip for SAS BI Administrators or anyone who has to create metadata library in the SAS Management Console.
Often before I define the metadata library I am at the folder or the physical path of the library.  Obviously, it’s critical that the path is defined correctly in the metadata.  So here’s my quick tip.

In the physical library, click or double-click the path and use the Ctrl+C keyboard …