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Articles tagged with: Using Prompts

Working with Large Prompt Population Lists

2014-04-21 – 7:38 AM
5a46377r library of congress truck overturn

In my last post, I warned you about hooking up your huge dataset to a dynamic prompt.  Impending disaster, user unhappiness and worst of all – rework!  Ahhhh the horror of it all!!!
I wish I knew a way to tell you when the dataset was too large for the dynamic prompt, but it is really dependant on your system.  There are a lot of factors …

Which population method should I use for my SAS prompt?

2014-04-13 – 9:31 AM
sas dynamic prompts

During our Debugging and Tuning SAS Stored Processes session, an attendee asked “Why would I choose a dynamic versus static prompt for my stored process?” It was a good question because the choice might make a difference in the stored process speed. Here’s some guidelines.
What are the different Population Methods?
Stored Processes take user input through a prompt to provide custom output.  Consider the following three …

Little Known Secrets from SAS Stored Process Magicians

2014-01-26 – 4:57 PM
0262r library of congress laurent magician

When writing stored processes – it can be tricky designing the perfect prompts especially when working with tricky users. Maybe you feel more like a magician than a SAS developer. Recently I needed a SAS stored process that allowed a user to find a needle in a very large haystack.  Let me share a simple trick I learned from Bryan Stines to make simple work …

Taming SAS Stored Process Selection List Prompts

2013-08-07 – 1:25 PM
Selection List

I like most things SAS.  But there are of course some features that I wish were implemented differently.  One of those is selection list prompts.  
The good news is, even when SAS implements something in a way that I find, well let’s say, surprising, there is often a way to use some other part of SAS to adjust the situation.  
For me, that often means …

Need “All” as a Choice for Your Dynamic Prompt?

2013-07-28 – 4:44 PM
sas bi dashboard 9.4

What I like the most about the dynamic prompts available for the stored process and SAS Enterprise Guide is that a lot of the work is done for you.  For instance, some prompts have built-in error checking and a built-in selection for selecting all values.  Without a doubt it’s one of the better product features.  
I think that’s why the SAS BI Dashboard Dynamic Prompt seemed …