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Articles tagged with: SAS Add-In for MS Office

Excel and OLAP Viewer: Not enough room for the Cube!

2012-02-29 – 6:00 AM
add-in excel olap cube viewer more space

When you use the OLAP Viewer in Microsoft Excel you may have run into the window borders – literally.  Your cube and analysis needs more space!  
Scroll, Scroll, and Scroll to See the Cube Data 
When you open the OLAP cube in the MS Excel OLAP Viewer the default cube size dictates the area used. You may get 20 rows by 20 columns or you might …

SAS Add-In to MS Office: Refreshing the Data & Breaking the Link

2012-02-09 – 7:51 AM

If you use SAS Add-In to Microsoft Office – specifically Excel, then you already know how awesome it is to link to the SAS data on the server. First, if you are using data that needs to be refreshed – just a click of the button brings you the new rows and your report or charts are updated immediately.  Awesome! Let the analysis begin … 
Refreshing …

SAS OLAP Cubes: Tailing Time-Based Data for Dynamic Results

2011-12-07 – 6:43 AM
Information Map Contents

SAS OLAP Cubes are a great way to quickly aggregate and summarize data that can be used in the other SAS Business Intelligence tools.  Learn more about creating relative time based dimensions today.
Adding Relative Time Dimensions to OLAP Cubes
Dimensions and measures are the two major components of a cube.  To effectively report time-based data from a cube, it is beneficial to report measures using relative …

SAS MS Add-In: Why are there two variables with almost the same name?

2011-10-03 – 6:00 AM
461_amo_var name similar

Recently while setting up a report in SAS Add-In for Microsoft Excel, I was going to create a graph using an information map. When trying to assign the chart values, I realized I had several very confusing  variable names.  When the information map was created, I know I had everything neat looking due to my own OCD about variable names.
As shown in the following figure, …

SAS Business Intelligence Tools Overview

2011-09-07 – 6:00 AM
Building BI Using SAS Book Cover

SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI)  is a suite of applications that allows you to prepare and display data.  Here is a quick overview to help you learn the SAS BI product names and purposes. 

Prepare Data
Your data may be in a relational database (Oracle, Teradata, MySQL, etc).  The data is then placed in OLAP cubes, information maps, or in some cases a SAS dataset so it …