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Administration: Retrieving Passwords from the SAS Metadata

2014-01-13 – 8:11 AM
2014 01 13 admin find userid 03 thumb

When working with the SAS metadata, sometimes a developer needs to retrieve a user ID and password from the metadata. For instance a developer may need the encoded password to connect to the database using the SAS pass-through with relational databases like Oracle and TeraData.  [More discussion about the pass-through :  here with TeraData, here compared to Libname, and here in SAS 9.2 doc set.]
As …

What’s the difference between SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS DI Studio?

2013-11-16 – 9:57 PM
SAS DI Studio

A question SAS programmers/users sometimes ask me is “What’s the difference between SAS Enterprise Guide (EG) and SAS Data Integration Studio (DI)?” Both run SAS code and can generate tables and reports… my one-line response is “it’s about those SAS jobs being SAS metadata objects.”
It’s about the Metadata
What do I mean by this? Well, in EG you work with tables and SAS code (either with …

Admins – Need to Restore One Metadata Object from a Backup?

2013-03-11 – 10:48 AM

When I think of corruption, it usually is more about government.  Certainly, I don’t picture myself slipping a C-Note to the metadata server for favors, such as giving me special access or maybe ensuing my jobs have priority (wink). Stig Eide, a SAS BI administrator, reminds me that corruption does occur in the metadata – but not exactly  what I was picturing.  When metadata corruption occurs, …

Update Table Metadata Using Base SAS Code

2012-12-19 – 5:55 AM
Summary Output from PROC Metalib

Ever had the need to update as table metadata by submitting SAS code?  If so, you can use the SAS BI METALIB procedure to do so.  This may be useful if you want to automate an ETL process, which loads tables and registers in metadata at the same time. 
Update Existing Table in SAS BI Metadata
The following code connects to a SAS library already registered in metadata and …

SAS Enterprise Guide: Best Practice for Centralized User Storage

2012-06-11 – 6:25 AM
Workspace Server Location

A nice feature of SAS Enterprise Guide is the “Files” folder.  This provides direct access to the file system where the workspace server is running.  You can take advantage of this by configuring a central location where users can store data, SAS code, CSV files, Excel files, or anything useful.  If this is not configured it defaults to a user-specific area.  In some cases this …