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Articles tagged with: SAS Information Maps

Web Report Studio: Update Resources to Fix Your Report

2012-12-10 – 5:45 AM
web report studio error

Is there a worse way to start your day than someone calling to tell you that your marvelous Web Report Studio report is not working? Yes, this means the world is being denied a viewing of your stunning visual design efforts about last quarter’s sales data!  I agree, this is one the same level as someone stealing a painting from the Louvre or playing a Beethoven …

Web Report Studio: Adding Drill-Down Filter Based on a Date

2012-05-21 – 8:04 AM
Linked Reports

When I was creating the Summary and Detailed reports for the SAS Global Forum paper, I was demonstrating how to link from the weekly chart to the detailed report about the week.  On my first try with my Week Filter based on the date value – it just would not work.  Eeek!  To fix the problem I made a new data item that was a character value. …

SAS Info Map: Change Source Table Names from Klingonese to English

2012-01-11 – 4:00 AM

I love the way some data tables get named.  After a while you begin to learn the patterns – but geez sometimes I think a true alien was involved.  The names are cryptic and when the tables are place in SAS Information Map Studio – it gets confusing.  You can change the name for your information map to help you understand as you create the …

SAS OLAP Cubes: Tailing Time-Based Data for Dynamic Results

2011-12-07 – 6:43 AM
Information Map Contents

SAS OLAP Cubes are a great way to quickly aggregate and summarize data that can be used in the other SAS Business Intelligence tools.  Learn more about creating relative time based dimensions today.
Adding Relative Time Dimensions to OLAP Cubes
Dimensions and measures are the two major components of a cube.  To effectively report time-based data from a cube, it is beneficial to report measures using relative …

Information Maps: My cascading filter does not work …

2011-12-02 – 6:00 AM

After you have setup the cascading filter from SAS Information Map Studio, you run a test and notice that the cascading filter is not working properly. Instead of filtering on your desired variable – it returns everything. Eeek … how could this happen to a programming deity such as yourself? Let’s find out …
Testing the Information Map Filter
In this example, I was setting up a …