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Articles tagged with: SAS Information Maps

Using the INFOMAPS Procedure with Your SAS BI Dashboard

2013-09-14 – 8:55 AM

Many BI developers don’t realize they can code information maps without ever touching Information Map Studio. Using the INFOMAPS procedure you can do everything from creating an information map to updating an existing one. This post explains the basics of creating and updating an information map.
Using Information Maps with a Dashboard
If you are building a dashboard based on RDBMS data, then you might already know …

3 Killer Tips for Coding INFOMAPS for Your BI Dashboard

2013-09-08 – 7:47 PM
information map

In  Using the INFOMAPS Procedure Part 1 post, I showed you how to code a simple SAS information map with a filter for use with BI Dashboard. In this post, I’ll show you some additional tricks for using PROC INFOMAPS that are intended to work with a dashboards. 
Tip #1: Careful when Using An Information Map with BI Dashboard
When you use an information map as the source …

SAS Information Maps: Securing Data based on User ID

2013-08-27 – 9:25 AM
sas information map gehring

Welcome guest blogger Renu Gehring to BI Notes.  Renu’s book SAS Business Intelligence for the Health Care Industry: Practical Applications  is due for publication by SAS Press in early September. Renu has an extensive background in using the SAS EBI with healthcare data and has some tips for securing data with SAS information maps. 
Using SAS BI to Secure Sensitive Data
If you work in healthcare, you know …

Information Maps: Used All Over the SAS BI System

2013-08-20 – 8:57 AM
information map sas

You can make information maps available to SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Add-In for MS Office, which might make is easier for some SAS BI users to reach the data.  It also makes your  information map more useable for various purposes.  The import method for SAS Enterprise Guide and the Add-In work very similar but I’m going to show how to do it with SAS …

Information Maps: Quick Tips for Your Data Items

2012-12-26 – 1:02 PM
information map quick tip 1

Here’s a few quick tips to use when creating information maps that are used with Web Report Studio.
Tip #1: Order Data Items How They Are Displayed
You may not always know how data items are used in the reports, but sometimes you do! For instance, a recent customer wanted the same 25 measures used in over 20 different data tables – the only thing that changed …