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Common Questions about SAS Visual Analytics

2015-09-07 – 10:16 AM

For the past two weeks I’ve been updating the SAS Visual Analytics Quick Start program. When I talk to customers about this program I highlight how Zencos does the heavy lifting (installation, configuration, and light administration), while the customer gets to have the fun of playing with the tool and learning how to create some kick-ass data visualizations. Within a few weeks, we can have your …

Can SAS Visual Analytics Replace PowerPoint for a Small Business?

2013-11-11 – 8:26 AM
sas visual analytics replaces powerpoint for small business

When I first heard a customer say their main reason for purchasing SAS Visual Analytics was to replace PowerPoint, it raised my eyebrows because it seems like an expensive replacement. By the time I heard a third customer say it, I realized it was more than someone having too much money. As I was thinking about the customers, I realized they had some things in common …

Data Visualization: How to Avoid an Epic Fail

2013-10-10 – 10:47 AM
ineffective data visualization

As I prepare for my upcoming A2 Academy Visualizing Your Big-Data: What to Use, When & Why lecture, I was looking for some examples of effective and ineffective data visualizations. The lecture is part of the All Analytics Big Data series, which is online and has no registration fee.
A few posts ago I shared an example from a humble marketing dashboard and today I’m sharing a graph …

Dashboards: Review of Information Dashboard Design Second Edition

2013-09-23 – 6:19 AM

When I started working with data visualization, I read Information Dashboard Design;  I did not get that much out of it.  Some of the display methods Stephen Few was advocating were not easily supported by my tools. His theories were sound, but I never finished the book. When the second edition was released, I reread the book and found a new perspective.  With a few years …

Using the INFOMAPS Procedure with Your SAS BI Dashboard

2013-09-14 – 8:55 AM

Many BI developers don’t realize they can code information maps without ever touching Information Map Studio. Using the INFOMAPS procedure you can do everything from creating an information map to updating an existing one. This post explains the basics of creating and updating an information map.
Using Information Maps with a Dashboard
If you are building a dashboard based on RDBMS data, then you might already know …