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SAS Visual Analytics: Get Your Mobile BI Design Going

2013-07-31 – 5:55 PM
sas va mobile bi tiny

During the middle of the year, I like to re-read the analysts predictions to figure out who know what they are talking about and who was just talking. For the Business Intelligence sector several folks [and vendors] were saying that Mobile BI was going to start driving the market this year. [Read more in my Mobile BI Is Arriving Soon… It Could Happen! post.]
What many noted …

Everything Still Starts and Ends with Data in SAS Visual Analytics

2013-07-30 – 5:03 AM
VA LASR Data Management

SAS Visual Analytics is changing the way data is analyzed and delivered in the SAS world.  The Visual Analytics LASR server brings a new method for handling large volumes of data directly in-memory.  New tools give businesses more power with less effort to prepare data for analysis, explore data, and build reports and dashboards – did I mention… all from a Web browser?!  You can …

SAS BI Dashboard: Don’t Forget the Timestamp

2013-07-24 – 2:39 PM
sas bi dashboard timestamp

If you are getting ready to rollout a new SAS BI dashboard, make sure you have a timestamp or Data Last Refreshed where the users can easily see it.  If it’s a real time dashboard (or near real time) then the user wants to know the last time the data was pulled. For instance, if this chart updates hourly, then in the morning the users …

Add Your Experience to the BI Survey 2013

2013-07-17 – 8:57 AM
bi survey

ach year the Business Applications Research Center (BARC) surveys over 3000 BI users to deliver an independent review of the BI market and the associate software.  You are invited to share your knowledge of the SAS BI tool set as well as any other BI tool you regularly use.
It appears the  BI Survey 2012 provides an overview of all the benefits and issues with the various BI …

Welcome to the World SAS 9.4!

2013-07-11 – 8:14 AM
sas 9.4 visual analytics 6.2

I’m excited that SAS 9.4 and Visual Analytics 6.2 has arrived.  Last night at the SAS Campus, I attended a Welcome to the World party at the SAS Campus.  The staff was really excited about the release.  Everyone loves to talk about how to do statistics better at SAS.  It’s a geek paradise.  One employee I spoke to discussed some research he was doing to …