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2018-01-21 – 7:10 PM

You can use the SAS Visual Analytics 8.2 Network Analysis object to visualize relationships. For some recent data analysis, I was trying to understand the customer to sales office relationship. My suspicion was that it wasn’t evenly distributed and that there were some customers not assigned together.
Understanding the Network Analysis Object
The network analysis object shows the relationship between two entities with a series of linked …

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Consolidating various resources

2011-03-08 – 8:49 PM

There are a lot of resources out there for SAS BI/EBI users and it spans a wide range of locations. The more we research the more we agree that having a single book for the BI client tools will help new users getting started with the system.
Here is a running list that we have been referring to frequently:

SAS Documentation (I use the A-Z list as a …

First Three Chapters Submitted to SAS Press

2011-02-28 – 9:50 PM

Tricia and I spent the gorgeous weekend inside working on our computers. But we are SO excited to have the first three chapters into SAS Press for the initial review phase. This was submitted a full 2 months before our contracted due date – so at this pace we might have preliminary full drafts for you to look through at SAS US Regional User Conferences …

Welcome to our future website!

2011-02-07 – 7:17 PM

We are currently busy creating our first SAS BI book. The working title ‘Creating Content using SAS Business Intelligence Solutions’ is scheduled to arrive on shelves in early 2012. Stay posted as we provide an ongoing log of our efforts. As an added bonus for those that check back in, we plan to include recently found tips & tricks on this site!
Angela Hall & Tricia …