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2018-01-21 – 7:10 PM

You can use the SAS Visual Analytics 8.2 Network Analysis object to visualize relationships. For some recent data analysis, I was trying to understand the customer to sales office relationship. My suspicion was that it wasn’t evenly distributed and that there were some customers not assigned together.
Understanding the Network Analysis Object
The network analysis object shows the relationship between two entities with a series of linked …

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Learn your way around a SAS BI installation.

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SAS BI: Sample Data Sources

2011-09-06 – 2:00 AM

As you start to learn the SAS Information Map Studio and SAS Web Report Studio, you may want some sample data to play with or otherwise explore.  Here is a list of free sources that I have found that can help as you learn and want to challenge yourself.
Simple Data Tables
Here are some sources for simple data tables.  These are datasets with all of the data contained …

Building Business Intelligence Using SAS Book

2011-09-01 – 10:24 AM
SAS BI Book Reviewer Comments

Building Business Intelligence Using SAS Book
SAS Business Intelligence (BI) package provides an interface for multiple audiences to dissect, discover, and decide on what the data means to their organization. This book shows you the SAS business intelligence capabilities, features, and contains the most sought after tips and tricks to bring a novice user up to speed quickly!
SAS BI Book Overview
Each chapter highlights a specific SAS business …

External SAS Press Review Process

2011-08-02 – 1:47 PM

We are now in the External Review Process!!
The SAS Press external review process takes 6 weeks. It includes internal SAS employees who were tasked with reviewing our first 3 chapters as well as several external reviewers. They are all tasked with reviewing the content for accuracy and relevance. In the meantime, Tricia and I are busy getting our screenshots in perfect-o order and planning our next big …

Final Workshop

2011-07-29 – 8:57 AM

Tricia and I are planning our final all-day working session, scheduled for this Sunday, to complete the final internal author review cycle. If all goes well, on Monday we will be handing the book off to the external reviewers for their 45-day review window!
Writing this book has been a great learning expeirence. Not just with how to handle writing styles, image organization, formatting, etc – but …

Book Cover Finalized

2011-07-18 – 9:02 AM
Building BI Using SAS Book Cover

The big news from the SAS Press front is that our book cover is now finalized!