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SAS BI Dashboard: User Adoption Is Biggest Challenge

2012-03-29 – 8:40 AM

Today I’m blogging at the All Analytics site about how you encourage users to adopt your dashboard (or really any reporting tools).  
Dashboards – How do you get user buy in?
When I was at the IFSUG conference, I attended a presentation by Stephen Harris, a senior VP at Bank of America. He discussed very thoroughly the issues he had getting users to accept the BI …

SAS BI Dashboard: Google Analytics Dashboard Kicked Up a Notch

2012-01-23 – 7:56 AM

Google Analytics uses data from your Website to prepare a neat looking application where you can explore your data and answer what I consider your first-level questions. First-level questions are the most basic things you might want to know, such as How many? What Time Period? It is the second- and third-level questions where the analysis and action plans come into play. After all, it’s …