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Stored Process: Using Alternating Background Color with PROC REPORT

2012-10-30 – 8:17 AM

I remember when I began learning how to program using SAS.  One of my first tasks was to create a set of reports that listed the trouble tickets from the customer.  This was before it was easy to get information from SAS to Excel and the goal was to have the reports on the website so it could be reviewed easily.
All Hail My SAS Heroes!

BI Dashboard: Tips for Learning to Use the Tool

2012-09-12 – 8:09 AM

When you start to learn how to work with the BI Dashboard tool – the blank slate can be the scariest single element you face.  What goes where? How can I make it look better?  Here’s some suggestions I have used.
Review Dashboard Sources
Use Google Images to find examples of what other designers have created.  When you can see an overview of dashboards as thumbnail images, …

SAS BI Dashboard: User Adoption Is Biggest Challenge

2012-03-29 – 8:40 AM

Today I’m blogging at the All Analytics site about how you encourage users to adopt your dashboard (or really any reporting tools).  
Dashboards – How do you get user buy in?
When I was at the IFSUG conference, I attended a presentation by Stephen Harris, a senior VP at Bank of America. He discussed very thoroughly the issues he had getting users to accept the BI …

SAS BI Dashboard: Google Analytics Dashboard Kicked Up a Notch

2012-01-23 – 7:56 AM

Google Analytics uses data from your Website to prepare a neat looking application where you can explore your data and answer what I consider your first-level questions. First-level questions are the most basic things you might want to know, such as How many? What Time Period? It is the second- and third-level questions where the analysis and action plans come into play. After all, it’s …