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SAS Visual Analytics: Maps and Data! Come on Down!

2013-07-01 – 6:40 AM
sas visual analytics us map

When I was younger I would watch the Price is Right with my grandma – we loved to hear the announcer say, “Come on DOWN!”  There was so much excitement and enthusiasm as the selected contestant ran screaming down the aisle!  It’s exactly how I felt when I saw how awesome the maps were in the SAS Visual Analytics (VA) tool.  [Check this post for a basic VA …

Tips for Starting Your Dashboard Layout

2013-06-23 – 4:10 PM
dashboard layout

When planning a dashboard sometimes the biggest obstacle is just layout.  I might be over generalizing here but I suspect most SAS BI Developers do not have an extensive background in art design. When you are working with end users, they may have a difficult time picturing how a final dashboard will appear.  While the dashboard is about the data, it’s equally about an attractive …

SAS BI Dashboard: Putting Your Brand on It!

2012-11-05 – 6:59 AM
dashboard change the application frame

After creating a dashboard, the customer typically asks to have their logo and colors added so their organization branding is available.  Using the SAS Flex Theme Designer, you can change the SAS BI Dashboard colors and logos. In this post I showed you some basics for using the SAS Flex Theme Designer but today, let’s change the logo and apply the company’s colors.
Let’s pretend that Acme …

Stored Process: Using Alternating Background Color with PROC REPORT

2012-10-30 – 8:17 AM

I remember when I began learning how to program using SAS.  One of my first tasks was to create a set of reports that listed the trouble tickets from the customer.  This was before it was easy to get information from SAS to Excel and the goal was to have the reports on the website so it could be reviewed easily.
All Hail My SAS Heroes!

BI Dashboard: Tips for Learning to Use the Tool

2012-09-12 – 8:09 AM

When you start to learn how to work with the BI Dashboard tool – the blank slate can be the scariest single element you face.  What goes where? How can I make it look better?  Here’s some suggestions I have used.
Review Dashboard Sources
Use Google Images to find examples of what other designers have created.  When you can see an overview of dashboards as thumbnail images, …