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SAS OLAP Cubes: Taking Advantage of OLAP Member Properties

2012-05-02 – 6:30 AM
Select Member Properties

Have you ever had a requirement to display additional details about data in a report but couldn’t find a good way to do so?  Showing OLAP Member Properties in a SAS Web Report could be a useful way to sneak more details about data into a crosstab table.
Crossing Multiple Dimensions with High Cardinality Creates Data Headaches
I recently ran into a data challenge with a large OLAP …

Peek Inside: The 50 Keys to Learning SAS Stored Processes Book Available!

2012-04-15 – 9:00 AM
STP Book Cover

In the midst of writing our first book, Angela and I argued over the stored process chapter content.  After we wrote the chapter outline, we then wrote the outline for this book.  The first title was the 25 Best Tips for Writing Stored Processes. Our idea for the tips, which later became keys, was simple: take a basic SAS program and show how that program can …

SAS OLAP: Using MDX to Dynamically Hide Measures for Compliance

2012-03-21 – 11:54 AM
OLAP Cube Permissions

OLAP cubes are great for summarizing data very fast – I love them 🙂 .   In certain environments, HIPAA compliance for personally identifiable data might be a concern.  Even at the lowest grain of a cube it might be possible to identify the specific detail data beneath the surface if the summarized number is small enough.  For example, if a report shows the number of …

OLAP Cube Studio: Looking at PROC OLAP Code

2012-03-05 – 7:00 AM

If you have never worked with OLAP code – then you might be curious how it works and what it looks like. Some developers use SAS OLAP Cube Studio to start their cube building process since it saves some of the typing required. Let’s review some of the code. [Adv Users: check out Steve’s posts about OLAP Code]
Exporting PROC OLAP Code
There are two methods to …

Excel and OLAP Viewer: Not enough room for the Cube!

2012-02-29 – 6:00 AM
add-in excel olap cube viewer more space

When you use the OLAP Viewer in Microsoft Excel you may have run into the window borders – literally.  Your cube and analysis needs more space!  
Scroll, Scroll, and Scroll to See the Cube Data 
When you open the OLAP cube in the MS Excel OLAP Viewer the default cube size dictates the area used. You may get 20 rows by 20 columns or you might …