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Working with Large Prompt Population Lists

2014-04-21 – 7:38 AM
5a46377r library of congress truck overturn

In my last post, I warned you about hooking up your huge dataset to a dynamic prompt.  Impending disaster, user unhappiness and worst of all – rework!  Ahhhh the horror of it all!!!
I wish I knew a way to tell you when the dataset was too large for the dynamic prompt, but it is really dependant on your system.  There are a lot of factors …

Which population method should I use for my SAS prompt?

2014-04-13 – 9:31 AM
sas dynamic prompts

During our Debugging and Tuning SAS Stored Processes session, an attendee asked “Why would I choose a dynamic versus static prompt for my stored process?” It was a good question because the choice might make a difference in the stored process speed. Here’s some guidelines.
What are the different Population Methods?
Stored Processes take user input through a prompt to provide custom output.  Consider the following three …

SAS Office Analytics: Working with Your Inner SAS Programmer

2014-03-12 – 8:00 AM
2014-03-two sides of face

When working with new or even casual SAS BI users, the SAS Office Analytics really bridges the gap between “I’m not a SAS programmer” and “I have 1000’s of ideas for data visualizations”. Users need an easy way to access the data warehouse and create reports or answer simple questions. The SAS Office Analytics package (aka SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office) a natural choice since …

SAS Add-In for MS Office: Abe Lincoln Sends Glee in a Snowstorm

2014-02-18 – 6:54 AM
lincoln loves sas

It’s been really snowy and cold in North Carolina for the past week.  About 5″ of snow fell in 2 hours, which unleashed pandemonium. Power was out for some, flights were cancelled because the airport shutdown, and many people even left their cars beside the road electing to walk home or stay in a hotel for the night. Since I work from home, it was …

More SAS Stored Process Sleight of Hand Tricks

2014-01-29 – 7:23 AM
Thurston the Great Magician

In my last post, Little Known Secrets from SAS Stored Process Magicians, I talked about how SAS developers are often confused with magicians.  I’m guessing it’s not our top hat and disappearing rabbits – more likely that SAS allows us to do all kinds of tasks that seem impossible but are undeniably easy.
Note: This series was inspired by the magician posters I found in the Library …