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Articles by Steve Overton

Steve Overton works for Zencos Consulting.

SAS Administration: Process Data Faster in RDBMS by Buffering the Data in Memory

2012-10-03 – 8:37 AM
SMC libname ODBC buffering

By default, accessing third party relational databases can be very slow if not configured properly.  I recently started using PostgreSQL 9.1, an open source database, to store high volumes of data for my SAS Global Forum 2013 paper.  In this example I am using an ODBC connection to connect to a database I defined in Postgres.  Native SAS/ACCESS engines to databases such as Oracle or …

SAS Code: Simple Macro to Benchmark Data Performance

2012-08-08 – 6:11 AM
benchmark test

When troubleshooting data performance problems, IO problems, or simple library connectivity, I use a simple snippet of code to push the data storage to the limits.  It is useful because it stresses the data storage component, whether it be a SAS dataset on local file storage or an external database like Oracle, and it provides useful performance metrics.  To make it even better, since this …

SAS OLAP Cubes: Automatically Collect ARM Performance Logs

2012-06-18 – 8:30 AM
ARM Info enabled

Collecting ARM logs can be extremely useful when tuning OLAP cubes for faster response.  The ARM log (which stands for Application Response Measurement) collects vital usage information for OLAP cubes using the SAS OLAP Server logging facility.  SAS OLAP Cube studio can analyze these logs to assist with aggregation building to make OLAP cubes return faster results.  Angela Hall discusses this and other ways to …

SAS Enterprise Guide: Best Practice for Centralized User Storage

2012-06-11 – 6:25 AM
Workspace Server Location

A nice feature of SAS Enterprise Guide is the “Files” folder.  This provides direct access to the file system where the workspace server is running.  You can take advantage of this by configuring a central location where users can store data, SAS code, CSV files, Excel files, or anything useful.  If this is not configured it defaults to a user-specific area.  In some cases this …

SAS OLAP Cubes: Viewing Member Properties in Excel and Enterprise Guide

2012-05-07 – 7:06 AM
Showing OLAP Member Properties in Excel

As a follow-up to my earlier post on taking advantage of OLAP member properties, you can also display OLAP member properties through the Add-in for Microsoft Office as well as SAS Enterprise Guide.  I’m a huge fan of Enterprise Guide, so it’s nice to have that ability but even nicer when the more common information consumer can display member properties through a Pivot Table in …