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Articles by Steve Overton

Steve Overton works for Zencos Consulting.

BulkLoading with PostgreSQL available in SAS 9.4

2013-10-22 – 8:04 AM
PostgreSQL Elephant

The recent release of SAS 9.4 was very exciting for me because it finally brings PostgreSQL support!  In my opinion, PostgreSQL is one of the best low-cost database platforms out there.  It has a ton of enterprise level features, it’s fast and highly configurable, and best of all its FREE.  Gotta love open source!  I’m very happy to see that SAS has invested in PostgreSQL …

Everything Still Starts and Ends with Data in SAS Visual Analytics

2013-07-30 – 5:03 AM
VA LASR Data Management

SAS Visual Analytics is changing the way data is analyzed and delivered in the SAS world.  The Visual Analytics LASR server brings a new method for handling large volumes of data directly in-memory.  New tools give businesses more power with less effort to prepare data for analysis, explore data, and build reports and dashboards – did I mention… all from a Web browser?!  You can …

Describe Your Table in SAS to Write the SQL Code

2013-05-22 – 6:54 AM
SQL Describe Code

Ever had the need to write SQL create statements for existing tables but felt too lazy to write it by hand?  Ever wanted to reverse engineer tables into SQL code? Have no fear, PROC SQL is here.  Use the DESCRIBE statement to get the full blown SQL code to create the table.  This is particularly good for generating empty table structures to insert data with ETL …

Update Table Metadata Using Base SAS Code

2012-12-19 – 5:55 AM
Summary Output from PROC Metalib

Ever had the need to update as table metadata by submitting SAS code?  If so, you can use the SAS BI METALIB procedure to do so.  This may be useful if you want to automate an ETL process, which loads tables and registers in metadata at the same time. 
Update Existing Table in SAS BI Metadata
The following code connects to a SAS library already registered in metadata and …

SAS Administration: Fetch Data Faster across ODBC

2012-11-01 – 7:43 AM

On my current “big data” project, I’m connecting SAS to PostgreSQL using the ODBC access engine.  At first I was seeing pretty bad performance – specifically I wasn’t able to view the ~2.2 billion sample records I created.  After adding 2 simple lines to the odbc.ini configuration file I was able to fly through the data.
By default, ODBC data sources (at least in Linux) may …