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Articles by Michelle Homes

Michelle has been a SAS user since 1996 and has experienced a number of roles over the years. Her current roles are: Business Development Manager at Metacoda (specializing in the development of add-ons to SAS Software); QUEST chairperson, SANZOC community manager, SAS consulting and mentoring work and SAS Education trainer for SAS Institute Australia to SAS programmers, business analysts, statistical analysts, data managers and information consumers. She enjoys solving business challenges using SAS Software and helping people streamline their processes through the flexibility and automation that SAS offers.

Tips for Unriddling Encoding in SAS Visual Analytics 6.3

2014-01-20 – 6:00 AM
Batman's Riddler

In preparation for Tricia and my joint paper at SAS® Global Forum 2014, “SAS Admins Need a Dashboard Too” our SAS admin support team, Ken Aanderud and Paul Homes  had been busy setting up our new SAS Visual Analytics 6.3 environments, which we are very excited about! As we got underway loading tables to explore and analyze data we came across an error that prevented a table to …

What’s the difference between SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS DI Studio?

2013-11-16 – 9:57 PM
SAS DI Studio

A question SAS programmers/users sometimes ask me is “What’s the difference between SAS Enterprise Guide (EG) and SAS Data Integration Studio (DI)?” Both run SAS code and can generate tables and reports… my one-line response is “it’s about those SAS jobs being SAS metadata objects.”
It’s about the Metadata
What do I mean by this? Well, in EG you work with tables and SAS code (either with …