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Hit Your IT Knowledge Targets!

2015-06-30 – 8:20 AM
sas bi tools knowledge

What I love most about the SAS community is the willingness to share information. I asked Tom Karl – how do you stay current with the complete deluge of new tools (Hadoop, Spark) and methods that are streaming toward you all the time.  He offered some advice and then I strong-armed (playground technique!) him into writing a blog post!  And yes Tom – you are invited …

Data Visualization is on Tap at #SASGF15

2015-04-22 – 7:30 AM

This post first appeared on The 10 Minute SAS Coach site.  Thanks Guy Garrett for contributing to BI-Notes.
The SAS Global Forum is an event where SAS professionals from around the world meet once a year to see the latest R&D from SAS Institute, discuss current trends in Business Intelligence, Analytics and Big Data, and hear papers from colleagues on all manner of subjects ranging from Arrays …

SAS Stored Processes: Querying a Stored Process from Excel without the Add-In

2013-02-20 – 7:39 AM
stored process without AMO

What do I have in common with a guy in Norway?  Well, if you look at my last name Aanderud – you might think he is a family member.  Turns out Stig Eide and I both use SAS Stored Processes to solve issues!  Recently this SAS platform administrator asked if he could demonstrate a trick for using a Excel to query data in a stored process …

SAS Enterprise Guide: Do You Know Its Top Three Unknown Benefits?

2012-02-26 – 10:39 AM

Sunil Gupta,, joins us today with three tips for using SAS Enterprise Guide. He runs the SAS-Savvy website, which I reviewed in the Are You SAS Savvy post.  
Top Three Unknown Benefits of SAS Enterprise Guide
Are you familiar with these three powerful SAS Enterprise Guide features? If you are, then you already know what I am talking about. Once I asked SAS tech support …

Impact Analysis – “Hawk Eyes” of SAS Data Integration Studio

2011-12-21 – 5:30 AM

Harsh Gajjar is SAS Business Intelligence (BI) and SAS Design Integration (DI) rising star in India. Today he is discussing how to use the SAS DI Studio Impact Analysis feature.
As we have observed majorly in large enterprises, particularly the Banking and Finance sectors, there is always a huge amount of data building up every day. Moreover, one cannot ignore the fact that every observation in …