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What has 435 pages, 500+ screen caps, and is ready for SAS Press today?

Submitted by on 2011-09-26 – 7:54 AM 4 Comments

We can’t adequately convey how exciting and satisfying it is to get the Building BI With SAS book to this final stage! After awaiting feedback from reviewers, implementing the majority of suggested changes, and retaking all of the 500+ images, the CD is burned and ready for drop off.  SAS Press will now take all of this content, run through editorial staff, create an index, finalize the artwork, and create a printable book. This phase typically takes around 90 days, so the likely available date for purchase is January 2012.

Fun Book Statistics

The Contents of our CD


  • Chapters: 10
  • MS Word Page count: 435
  • TIF Files (screen caps): 536 
  • Space on SAS Press CD: 678MB
  • Longest chapter: Prompt Framework (60 pages)
  • Chapter with most screen captures: Web Report Studio (94)
  • Chapter that took longest to write: Introduction – rewritten 3 times!  🙂
  • Chapter that took least time to write: Introduction (the first time!)
  • Reviewer comments: Avg 12 per chapter

Time Line

  • Book Proposed – Dec 2010
  • Contract written for book – Jan 2011
  • Final draft due date – Jan 2012Delivered 4 months ahead of schedule
  • Total Days writing: 244
  • Book available:  Jan 2012 (maybe even the first week!)

Reviewer Comments

Three industry experts – who use the SAS BI toolset everyday – made these comments as they reviewed the book:

Reviewer Comments

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Angela Hall manages an implementation team at SAS Institute Inc. to provide customers with analytic focused solutions which uncover hidden patterns in their data to assist in eliminating waste and fraud. A SAS user since 1995, Angela holds SAS BASE and BI Content Developer Certifications. Angela blogs about SAS Business Intelligence software tips and has coauthored two books “Building Business Intelligence Using SAS®” and "The 50 Keys to Learning SAS Stored Processes".
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  • raw says:

    Bravo, esta idea brillante tiene que justamente a propГіsito


  • Jefferson says:

    Lovely write, sweet blog theme, keep up the good work

  • Tricia says:

    Thanks Krithika! We are getting a lot of good feedback about the book. We are anxious for it to complete the SAS Publishing cycle and be ready to sale! In the meantime, enjoy the blog.


  • Krithika B says:

    Dear SAS,

    Good work. Have been looking out for something like this for a year now.

    Best Wishes,
    Krithika B
    SAS BI-DI developer.