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Consolidating various resources

Submitted by on 2011-03-08 – 8:49 PM

There are a lot of resources out there for SAS BI/EBI users and it spans a wide range of locations. The more we research the more we agree that having a single book for the BI client tools will help new users getting started with the system.

Here is a running list that we have been referring to frequently:

  1. SAS Documentation (I use the A-Z list as a starting point.)
  2. Documents available within the product (specifically for Enterprise Guide, Add-in for MS Office and Information Map Studio).  For instance: 
  3. SAS Samples
  4. SAS Business Intelligence Course Notes Essentials and Additional Topics
  5. SAS BI Blog (Real BI for Real BI Users)

What resources do you find yourself using to learn more about the SAS Business Intelligence solutions? Are you as excited as we are that there will be a SAS BI client book available as a reference?

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Angela Hall manages an implementation team at SAS Institute Inc. to provide customers with analytic focused solutions which uncover hidden patterns in their data to assist in eliminating waste and fraud. A SAS user since 1995, Angela holds SAS BASE and BI Content Developer Certifications. Angela blogs about SAS Business Intelligence software tips and has coauthored two books “Building Business Intelligence Using SAS®” and "The 50 Keys to Learning SAS Stored Processes".
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